Festival story captured in archive photographs
Photo: KTS arkisto

Photos telling the story of spectacular festival

Archives of Kuopio Dance festival are very precious collection and a unique piece of dance history. These pictures are telling the story of festival's five decades. Picture tells more than thousand words, but also transmits feelings and evokes memories. 50 years are binded together with dance photos. 


1970s was amenable time for Kuopio Dance Festival.

Ballet Rambert 1971

Ballet Rambert was one of the smash hits of 1971. Photo Jukka Nykänen.

Pilobolus tanssiteatteri 1974

Pilobolus Dance Theatre in 1974 was huge success. Jorma Uotinen tells: "Pilobolus was unforseen in Finland."

1986, Vivianne Budsko, Anneli Rautiainen, Nina Marttinen, Tiina Lindfors, Mirja Tukiainen

JazzPoint dancers (1986), Vivianne Budsko, Anneli Rautiainen, Nina Marttinen, Tiina Lindfors and Mirja Tukiainen. Kuopio Music Centre was completed in 1986.

1987, Serenade, chor. George Balandine

1987 and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Serenade. The first residential dance camp for boys was founded in the same year. 


Tuhkimo, chor. Maguy Marin

Lyon Opera Ballet, Cinderella, chor. Maguy Marin, 1987.


1987, Susanne Linke, Flut. 


1992 Margarita Gordon, photo Sakari Viika. 1992 researcher, dance crtitic Jukka O. Miettinen was announced to be the next Artistic Director. 

Sankai Juku, Shijima, 1993

1993, Sankai Juku, Shijima, photo Sakari Viika. Sankai Juku is the most famous butoh dance group. In 1991 Sankai Juku visited Kuopio with Unetsu.


Mabul 1994

Batsheva Dance Company (1994) visited first time in Finland at Kuopio Dance Festival. Mabul, photo Sakari Viika.

Lyhtyakrobaatti 1994

The Sichuan Hibiscus Opera from Chengdu (1994). Festival celebrated its' 25th anniversary.

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