Release the Beast workshop for young dancers

The dancer will learn set dance movement material from Tony’s choreographic repertoire. These choreographic phrases are considerably longer in length than a typical class dance phrase, helping to allow the dancer to explore constant dance flow that is asked for from the “Release the Beast Technique” and of course, the dance endurance and stamina needed for longer dance phrases.

Ilmoittautuminen: 1.2.2019 klo 10.00 alkaen
Paikka: Taidelukio Lumit, liikuntasali
Opettaja: Tony Vezich
Hinta: 50,00 €

12.6.2019 | klo 11:15
13.6.2019 | klo 13:00


Taidelukio Lumit, liikuntasali
Taidelukio Lumit, liikuntasali

Tony Vezich

Tony studied contemporary dance in the New Zealand School of Dance, and then went on to spend the next decade and a half working as a dancer and choreographer in Germany. While living in Germany, Tony formed the Temper-Temper Dance Company and was its artistic director and choreographer. Tony currently has more than 40 choreographies to his name.

Tony devised and developed the “Release The Beast” dance technique, which he has taught throughout Europe and Scandinavia. He is currently on artistic leave from the position of head lecturer of contemporary dance technique in the Iceland Academy of the Arts, to pursue his independent artistic wishes, and to simultaneously and secretly reform Temper-Temper.

Since the year 2000, Tony has been a regular guest teacher of his self devised contemporary dance technique (Release the Beast) and guest choreographer, throughout Europe and Scandinavia. He accepted a fulltime position in ArteZ as lecturer of contemporary dance and choreography in 2006–2007. Tony then went on to hold the position of head lecturer of contemporary dance and choreography in the Listaháskóli Íslands, from 2007–2011. He is currently enjoying an Artistic leave of absence to follow his freelance ambitions. Read more here.

Tony Vezich


Taidelukio Lumit, Minna Canthin katu 46


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