Puijo´s Tower 60 years anniversary:

Company Il Posto Vertical Dance: SKYLINE

In 2023 Puijo Tower will turn 60 years old. In honor of the anniversary, dance group Company Il Posto Vertical Dance arrives to Kuopio again. The company will perform again a breathtaking performance at the surface of the 75-meter tower.

Skyline is Company Il Posto Vertical Dance’s site specific performance, where the vertical surface of Puijo Tower and the surroundings are seen in a new, interesting way – led by vertical dance and live music. The show gives new perspectives and visions to the iconic landscape of Kuopio, where built environment meets nature’s own beauty in a very special way.

Saxophone player Marco Castelli creates a specific music for each place and performance, highlighting the uniqueness and interaction of the place and the performers.

Along with Puijo Peak and Kuopio Dance Festival, Puijo’s restaurants are also participating in the festivities by organizing a champagne bar on the venue, among others.

Il Posto performs on June 16th at 4.30 p.m. Free entry.

Duration of the show approx. 25 min.


Concept and choreography Wanda Moretti

Music for sax and live electronics Marco Castelli

Dancers Simona Forlani, Isabel Rossi 

Costume Elettra Del Mistro 

Tech outfit Vibram Furoshiki 


Company Il Posto Vertical Dance in 2013.    ©Soile Nevalainen