How to get performance agreement to the festival's main program 2020

Kuopio Dance Festival has performances every day during one week in all our theaters.

If you want to offer your group / piece to the main program of the festival

1) Get started by visiting our website for the previous festival week program.
You´ll get an idea of the festival schedule, program quality, level and main venues:

  • Kuopio Music Center (n. 950, for bigger audiences)
  • Kuopio City Theater (Minna-stage 450 seats, Maria-stage 212 seats)
  • Kulttuuriareena 44 (Youth Centre, 200 staircase seats, for technically simpler productions)
  • Other facilities, including churches

2) Make an offer including artistic details, financial and technical terms and conditions:

  • Make an offer only if your piece can be set up in a short time and your working conditions allow other than normal daytime working hours (the set up starts after the previous evening's performance, set up at evening, night, 1st performance day, normally two performances)
  • Please note that performing in Finland is always free of VAT and that you can bill without VAT
  • The festival has an experienced, efficient and flexible technical team that is able to set up in advance when needed.
  • List your copyright charges and possible billing organizations
  • Link videos / attach other materials
  • Tell us other possible performance venues / organizations in Europe during the same tour
  • Please notice you are not able to perform in other cities in Finland before the festival.

3) Tell us if your group gets financial support, for example for travel and transportation.
Also in case the visit is planned to be part of the cultural exchange between our countries.

4) Tell us whether the company is a private company or a public non-profit organization, that is funded by public funders and is able to give us a document about that (cities, regions, government, foundations etc.)

5) Tell us if your company´d like to perform in the program free of charge for audience and teach at the workshops as well.

6) Something else you´d like us to know about your company and choreographer

Send your proposal with information mentioned above to: 

anna.pitkanen(at) or artisticdirector2020(at)



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