Behind the scenes of Grand Finale 

In January 2017 Hofesh Shechter company worked in Villa Nappi and Marche Teatro Ancona in Italy for a month of residential research time. This intense period was a coming together for them all following time away on sabbatical (Hofesh), some extended leave (many of the dancers) and a regrouping as two new dancers (one from France, one from America) joined us. It was what Hofesh at the time described as a ‘new chapter for the company’. The dancers and Hofesh lived and worked alongside each other for this period of time, eating and socializing together as Hofesh started to explore with them the world he was hoping to create in Grand Finale – which at that point had no title and was simply known as ‘New Creation’.

Hofesh reflects that, “Our time in Ancona was the birthplace of everything that has come to be Grand Finale. This experience was incredible - the best way to begin a new creation. We were enclosed in a little commune-like house with a studio in the building. Living inside this little bubble, within a little village and fields. We were completely secluded – really incredible, drowning in the work and the energy. Usually when I work on my own in my room, I drown into a fantasyland of idea and sounds. In Villa Nappi I could do this for a long time with the dancers – be in that bubble, allowing anything to come.” Interspersed with some touring (of Hofesh’s previous work barbarians) and teaching, Hofesh, Bruno and the dancers spent the spring of 2017 at Lantern Studios in East London developing the work further. My main thought at this point is to make something that can tour. We are not a West End show that can run in a theatre for months at a time. We need to tour.” -Hofesh-

Hofesh Shechter Company - Grand Finale




Grand Finale shakes the compass of tribal dance. A must see.” LE MONDE

Grand Finale goes straight to the heart.” “ LES ECHOES

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