Photo: Olympe Tits

Summer 2020 pampers dance enthusiasts

Kuopio Dance Festival week is full of wonderful programme and the positive problem might be, what to choose. Festival begins with winter guests and they present Alan Lucien Øyen's Story, story, die. Yoann Bourgeois and his CCN2 Grenoble arrive to Kuopio with Movin Pieces which is new and unique experience. Consisting of four independent acts, this work is seen at guided tour around Kuopio city centre. Compagnie 111-Aurélien Bory's installation-performance Corps Noir combines dance, technology and visual arts. The energy of a dancer is captured to the canvas in a fascinating way. Le patin Libre, contemporary ice skating company, defies traditional rules with Threshold. This work exploits the amazing choreographic potential of glide. 

Full programme here

Muita kiinnostavia juttuja!