50. One More Thing - performance workshop


50. One More Thing- performance workshop

Over the past years, Jeremy has been teaching workshops all over the world based on the evolving dialogue between several approaches to dance and physical practice. Taking inspiration from the fundamentals of Floor work, Ilan-lev Method, and guided improvisation, Jeremy strives to find the points where his inspirations and experience meet and co-exist. The practice is inviting the dancer to a deeper awareness, listening, and an organic dialogue between all body parts. 

This workshop will be divided between 45 minutes of Jeremy’s movement class linked to 45 minutes of “One More Thing” material. The first part will be preparing the dancer to a physical and emotional trust, while seeking for softness within challenging motions, in order to start exploring Adi Boutrous repertoire from the right mindset and physical openness. 

Aika: klo 10.00-11.30
Paikka: KRV
Opettaja: Jeremy Alberge
Hinta: 50,00 €

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Kuopion Reippaan Voimistelijat, Kauppakatu 40-42