Nia workshop

Course registration begins on February 1st at 10 a.m.

: Element Studio
Teacher: Helen Terry
Price: 90,00 €

12.6.2019 | at 14:15
14.6.2019 | at 10:00


Natural Time and the Movement forms, Element Studio
The Base, Element Studio
The Core, Element Studio
Dynamic Postural Alignment, Element Studio
Sensation – the Language of the Body, Element Studio
Pleasure Principle, Element Studio



Element Studio, Maaherrankatu 21

Helen Terry

Helen has been helping people love their bodies and lives through Nia Technique since 1993. As one of the top lead international Nia Teacher trainers, Helen travels the world offering classes, special events and trainings. Helen has a special, and very effective, way of catering to the unique needs of each individual. She helps folks feel great while giving them the skills they need.

Helen Terry
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Course description

12.06. at 14.15-16.15 Natural Time and the Movement forms (Nia workshop)
Nia draws from the wisdom of 9 Movement Forms, 3 martial arts, 3 dance arts and 3 healing arts. Come on a movement journey to explore the chemistry and variety of Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern and Duncan Dance, Yoga, Alexander technique and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais.

12.06. at 17.00-18.30 The Base (Nia class)
Connect with the sensation of your foundation: feet, legs and hip joints. Enjoy a dance exploring how we use feet techniques, steps, stances and kicks in Nia to establish a grounded, free and strong dance experience.

13.06. at 10.00-11.00 The Core (Nia class)
Connect with the sensation of your spine and three body weights: pelvis, chest and head and to the energy system called the Chakras. Explore how to use sound to integrate the body and breath, to communicate from your core by moving, expressing and intuiting information from your body.

13.06. at 14.15-16.15 Dynamic Postural Alignment (Nia workshop)
Connect with your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. Play with tapping into your Conscious Personal Trainer (CPT) to witness how your move and help coach yourself how to move and dance with greater ease and joy.

13.06. at 17.30-19.00 Sensation – the Language of the Body (Nia class)
We were born as high sensing beings. Sensation is how a baby learns much about the world! Something happens as we age, with modern day technology and the speed of our hectic lifestyle, we tend to separate from this innate state. Explore how to connect with sensation to reduce injury, enhance performance and dance through life vibrantly.

14.6. at 9.00-10.00 Pleasure Principle – Dance your Body's Way (Nia class)
When we enjoy what we are doing, we are much more likely to want to do it again! Explore how to dance the way your body was designed to move, bringing pleasure and ease to all the systems, honoring the science, craft and art of moving in a Human Body.

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