Kuopio Dance Festival will be held during autumn 2021

52. Kuopio Dance Festival 2021
Artistic Director Riku Lehtopolku

Kuopio Dance Festival organizes festival week events during the autumn season. The festival program will be arranged during several months.

The season begins in August with Gala evenings at the Kuopio Music Centre, presenting both domestic and international artists. From October, the season continues at the Kuopio City Theatre and Kulttuuriareena 44. The festival atmosphere will be created through a diverse program, e.g. courses, dance films and other events.

- Since the very beginning, internationality has been an intrinsic part of the festival. On the current climate, covid safety has also become an obligatory factor that guides all our operations. We try to solve the things that are in our own hands so that we are able produce remarkable international dance art in addition to domestic program. We are also planning to create art that approaches dance in a surprising fashion and steps out of the theatres inviting the festival audience to join in as part of the performance, artistic director Riku Lehtopolku tells.

The festival board made the decision to postpone the traditional June festival week in 2021.

- We had prepared the 52nd festival program for June, just waiting to be released. The pandemic-caused risks and the atmosphere of uncertainty ultimately led us in a situation where we were forced to postpone the festival to autumn season. Having learned from our experiences last year, we understood that we had to run down the June festival week early and in a controlled manner, so that we could fully concentrate on the arrangements of autumn season 2021 and festival year 2022. Financially, the decision was indispensable at this stage, states festival director Anna Pitkänen.

The festival program will be announced here during the summer of 2021: www.kuopiodancefestival.fi