Helsinki Dance Company & Anton Lachky
Photo: Petra Tiihonen

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Kuopio City Theatre, Minna -stage
57,00 €


SPECIAL NIGHT                   

Helsinki Dance Company is known for its work with many renowned artists, and the group has significantly influenced the development of contemporary dance in Finland. To celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, Helsinki Dance Company invited choreographer Anton Lachky to create a world premier for them to mark the special occasion. Lachky is a leading figure of European contemporary dance whose intensely energetic and unique choreographic work has been awarded with several international recognitions, and his works are actively touring around the world on the most important dance stages.

dance Krista-Julia Arppo, Lewis Cook, Jyrki Kasper, Elina Lindfors, Aksinja Lommi, Misa Lommi, Pekka Louhio, Heidi Naakka, Mikko Paloniemi, Justus Pienmunne ja Ioulia Zacharaki choreography Anton Lachky skenography William Iles costume design Maria Rosenqvist sound design Jaakko Virmavirta make-up design Jutta Kainulainen


Duration to be announced

Tickets 49-57€ incl. service fee (order fee from 1,50€ will be added)


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