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Kuopio Music Centre, concert hall
33,50 €
Kuopio Music Centre, concert hall
33,50 €


Artistic director Riku Lehtopolku has composed the program for this glamorous evening. On stage will be seen Alan Lucien Øyens sparkling solo Sinnerman performed by Daniel Proietto and Akram Khans masterpiece KAASH performed by Spanish IT Dansa. 

Gala program:

Hetken voima
Lo que no se ve (excerpt)
Gopak (excerpt from ballet Taras Bulba)
Breaking Jazz (excerpt)

- intermission -

Found Lost
Onegin, pas de deux (3rd act)

Duration approx. 120 min.

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Hetken voima

Dance: Katri Soini
Music: Petri Nieminen, Simo Laihonen,

IT Dansa


Created in 2002, Kaash (“if only” in Hindi) is one of the main pieces by Akram Khan. Considered as a plastic shock by observers, the piece was the starting point of the choreographer’s international recognition. His collaboration with Anish Kapoor for the stage design, as well as the chiselled musical score by the composer Nitin Sawhney are far from being stranger to this success…Kaash is a sublime evocation of the world’s origin. Hindi gods, black holes, Indian time cycles, creation and destruction are the base of this piece. Until the end, both the audience and the dancers will live in unison with chaos. Between shadow and light, Kaash defies time and embodies perfectly the will that Akram Khan’s will to build bridges between contemporary and Indian kathak dances.

“Kaash deploys a dynamic unlike any other and a dazzling gesture.” Agnès Izrine, La Terrasse

Artistic Director: Catherine Allard
Rehearsal Director: Mathilde Van de Meerendonk
Technical Director and lightings: Albert Glas López
Dancers: Yamil Ortiz Bohorquez, Kora Leiva Gnonnas, Gloria Garcia Garrido, Towa Iwase, Jorge López Lamadrid, Pere Sansaloni Servera, Laia Serra Riera, Martí Blanco Romeu, Carlota Batalla Carbonell
Tour production: Delta Danse
Choreography: Akram Khan
Music: Nitin Sawhney
Stage scenography: Anish Kapoor
Lighting design: Aideen Malone
Costume design: Kimie Nakano
Costume maker: Paca Naharro
Choreography assistance: Eulàlia Ayguadé Farro,
Nicola Monaco
Created in 2002 and adapted by IT Dansa in 2018
Duration: 25 min

Lo que no se ve

In this piece, which is Gustavo Ramírez Sansano’s fourth creation for IT Dansa, the choreographer explores interpersonal relationships in an intimate and highly sensitive way. The extract presents one of the three duos (the last one) of Lo que no se ve: two dancers perform one of the different ways of understanding couple relationships. The work breaks with the old ideal of perfect love, exposing what romantic relationships entail and normalising separations. Through this piece, the choreographer shows the establishment of different relationships throughout life in order to experience, learn and get to know love better.

Choreography: Gustavo Ramírez Sansano
Music: Franz Schubert
Set and lighting design: Luis Crespo Portero and Gustavo Ramírez Sansano
Costume design: Gustavo Ramírez Sansano
Costume making: Sorne Blasi
Created in 2021 – Duration 18 min

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Choreography: Rostislav Zaharov
Music: Vasili Solovjev-Sedoi
Dance: Michal Krčmář

Kristián "Mr.Kriss" Mensa

Kristián "Mr. Kriss" Mensa is a dancer and illustrator from the Czech republic. Especially after the appearance at the prestigious Red Bull Dance Your Style competition in 2019, Kriss became a respected dancer known for his flexibility, elegance and lightness. As an illustrator he captivates his audience with infusing visual art and real life scenery. A summary of his creative journey says: “I draw with my body on the floor and dance with a pencil on paper.“

Breaking Jazz

Breaking Jazz - Excerpt from a dance performance created by Kristián and Marek Mensa about the meeting of breaking and jazz music, improvisation and structure, sound and silence.

Choregraphy and dance: Kristián "Mr.Kriss" Mensa
Music: h hunt, Bill Evans, Pražský Big Band, Milana Svobody

Found Lost

We are constantly living between two states - feeling lost and feeling found. Whether physically or mentally we desire to be at a place which feels familiar and where we feel safe. Often, we look for this sensation very far, but we don't realize how approachable this feeling of contentment might be. This performance will take us on a journey where many things will be lost and many found - feelings, emotions, memories. Kristián "Mr. Kriss" Mensa will fill the stage with distinctive dance led by composed music by Armand Amar (and duduk musician Tigran Aleksanyan).

Dancer: Mr. Kriss
Music composition: Armand Amar
Duduk player: Tigran Aleksanyan

Daniel Proietto


For “Sinnerman”, based on the African American Spiritual song with the same name, Norwegian choreographer Alan Lucien den created a constant and incessant surge of movements that channel both the desperation and futility found in the song’s lyrics, as well as the insisting frenzy of Nina Simone’s infamous interpretation. Touching on the notion of recklessness and exhaustion, the initial idea behind the work sprung from the concept of the costume - a shimmering sequin catsuit that allows for the spiralling Daniel Proietto to dance like liquid mercury. “Sinnerman” was first presented at Ivan Putrov's 2014 gala "Men in Motion III" at the London Coliseum in January 2014.

Music: Nina Simone
Choreography: Alan Lucien Øyen
Danced by: Daniel Proietto
Costume by: Stine Sjøgren
Light Design: Martin Flack


Choreography: Alan Lucien Øyen
Music: Nina Simone
Lighting design: Alan Lucien Øyen
Dance: Daniel Proietto

Salla Eerola & Michal Krcmár - Onegin pas de deux

Choreography: John Cranko
Tatjana: Salla Eerola
Onegin: Michal Krčmář                
Music: Pjotr Tšaikovski
Duration: 8 min

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