Genelec-at the top of the sound world
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Genelec leads the way in the world of sound

Founded in 1978, Genelec is world's leading loudspeaker manufacturer. Art has been an essential part of company's work since early 1990s when artist Herbie Kastemaa started to create commercial images for the company. Art continued to be important part of Genelec when designer Harri Koskinen began to shape loudspeakers. Koskinen's style has been very distinctive and for example iconic The Ones models are his work.

Genelec and Kuopio Dance Festival have made an agreement of collaboration earlier this year. Common values and love for arts brought these two actors together. How does this make you feel video project was born by this cooperation. It was a hybrid experience where sound and dance were bind together and provided to an audience. In the Genelec 40th anniversary book (2018), CEO Siamäk Naghian stated: "When you are curious enough about searching for the meaning of life, you may end up in Savo". This same curiosity and open-mindedness stands also behind Kuopio Dance Festival. Now we are expoloring new together. 

"How does this make you feel" video can be watched here

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