Anniversary Galas to celebrate 50 years of Kuopio Dance Festival

50th Kuopio Dance festival 12. – 18.6.2019

Anniversary Galas to celebrate 50 years of Kuopio Dance Festival

Kuopio Dance Festival programme icludes two 50th Anniversary Galas, hosted by Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen. Gala nights 14th and 15th of June are visited by artists from Finland, Spain and Australia.

Uotinen surprises. Programme less frequently consists Finnish traditional dance groups. Motoran Pelmakat is cheery and breezy group from Joensuu and they are representing Karelian dance tradition. Their performance includes works called Höplä and Tsuliluikka. Finnish National Ballet has been familiar guest at the festival since 1970’s. Performers are ballet dancers Jani Talo and Tiina Myllymäki.

Spanish group Iron Skulls was a huge succes few years back with Sinestesia. Now we will see Kintsugi, work combining street dance and classical music. Spanish flamenco dancers Mariana Collado and Carlos Chamorro, with three musicians, provide traditional and contemporary flamenco. Night will end with Australian group, Sydney Dance Company. Lux Tenebris will bring all the 17 dancers of the group to the stage.


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