Dance schools have been selected for PREMIERE Performance

52nd Kuopio Dance Festival 16.-22.6.2021
Artistic Director Riku Lehtopolku

Kuopio Dance Festival will produce contemporary dance performance with dance schools, bringing together more than a hundred dance students for a collaborative creative project. PREMIERE is part of the festival opening on 16th of June 2021.

The work will create temporary architecture within the Kuopio cityscape, pulling dance out of theatres and giving people a chance to encounter dance in some unusual environments. Choreographer of the work is Mr. Riku Lehtopolku, the Artistic Director of Kuopio Dance Festival.

”For such a long time, I’ve had this dream of creating a work located in cityscape for a large group of performers. I’ve also wished to be able to create a design that departs from the usual comparisons and competitions and invites dance students around Finland to a common, experience-based goal. The festival environment is the perfect framework for the project, because with its array of different works and courses, it simultaneously offers loads of opportunities to encounter dance and other dance enthusiasts!”, Lehtopolku explains.

A total of 14 dance schools were selected to perform at the PREMIERE. There is a strong intention to integrate this training in dance schools into schools’ own regular activities. The students, led by Lehtopolku, will familiarize themselves with the concept of this work during the spring. The training will consist of both contact classes and remote classes.

“We will begin the process with remote meetings and hopefully soon we’ll have the chance to meet each other face-to-face”, Lehtopolku tells.

All the performers will gather together for the Kuopio Dance Festival in June 2021 to practice on the 15th and to perform on the 16th of June.

The ticket sales for the 52nd Kuopio Dance Festival start in April.

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