Dance As You Are

DaCi Finland Ry. invites 7–19 year–old dance students and dance teachers to participate in DaCi Finland Summer School event. Choreographs, dance researchers and other art education instructors are also warmly welcomed to join the event. The DaCi Summer School 2020 is organized in Kuopio on June 7th-10th.

Daci Summer School 2020 continues a series of events organized by DaCi Finland Ry. DaCi Nordic 2015 and DaCi Europe 2017. The DaCi Summer School is organized in coordination with the Kuopio Dance Festival. The purpose for the DaCi Summer School is to enable dance communities in Finland and Europe to participate and interact with each other strengthening the collaboration.

The DaCi Summer School offers dance workshops for dance students as well as opportunities to perform. There is an additional course for dance teachers and instructors including lectures, workshops and dance lesson observation.The educational theme for the dance instructors is creating choreography for children. The teachers of the DaCi Summer School 2020 are experienced teachers and artists.

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Welcome to the Daci Finland Summer School 2020!


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