Prototype Status / Cie Jasmine Morand
Photo: Celine Michel

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Kuopio City Theatre, Minna -stage
57,00 €
Kuopio City Theatre, Minna -stage
57,00 €



Light is born of darkness.

From one infinite to another, from black to white, LUMEN is a journey that plays with the perceptions of the spectators, between what they imagine and what can be seen. Thirteen dancers, first revealed in the reflection of a giant mirror over them, compose an intriguing choreographic tableau, stimulating the need to interpret what appears to the eye. Horizons fade, perspective is distorted – everything is done to disturb the perception of reality.

LUMEN immerses spectators in an introspective and visual experience where darkness gradually fades to become white, blinding light.

concept & choreography Jasmine Morand dance (in alternation) Elodie Aubonney, Fabio Bergamaschi, Sarah Bucher, Claire Dessimoz, Audrey Dionis, Eléonore Heiniger, Krassen Krastev, Ismael Oiartzabal, Valentine Paley, Angela Rabaglio, Simon Ramseier, Amaury Reot, Luisa Schöfer, Marco Volta artistic collaborators Fabio Bergamaschi, Claire Dessimoz scenocraphy Neda Loncarevic music Dragos Tara light design Rainer Ludwig costume design Toni Teixeira costume assistants Corina Pia, Ivan P. Matthieu research assistance Philippe Chosson, Céline Fellay technical manager Hervé Jabveneau sound and light control Louis Riondel & Julien Perret construction Atelier Midi XIII electrical installation Luc-Etienne  Gerbasch paint Noëlle Choquard photographs Michael Gabrielle, Grégory Batardon, Céline Michel administration Marianne Caplan communication Virginie Pasquier diffusion et production: Florence Francisco & Gabrielle Baille Les Productions de la Seine production Prototype Status

coproductions and partners La Bâtie --- Festival de Gèneve (GE), En Partenariat Avec L’Esplanade du Lac, Divonne-Les-Bains, France Le Reflet --- Théâtre de Vevey (VD) --- Théâtre Benno Besson, Yverdon-Les-Bains (VD) Équilibre --- Nuithonie, Fribourg (FR), Théâtre du Passage en Co-Accueil, Avec L’Adn --- Association Danse Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel (NE), Manège, Scène Nationale --- Reims, France, Théâtre de Châtillon, France, Théâtre de Châtillon, France, Théâtre Jean-Vilar, Vitry-Sur-Seine, France Recidency Dansomètre --- Espace de Création Choreographique --- Vevey (VD), Césaré, Centre National de Création Musicale --- Reims, France fundings Prix Suisse des Arts de la Scène / Création de Danse 2020, Label + Romand --- Arts de La Scène, Pro Helvetia, Canton de Vaud, Ville de Vevey, Loterie Romande, Fondation Ernst Goehner, Fondation Sophie und Karl Binding, Fonds Culturel de la Société des Auteurs (SSA), Fondation Nicati-de-Luze, Pour-Cent Culturel Migros Vaud. The Prototype Status Company Benefits from a support agreement from the citys of Vevey and the State of Vaud


Duration 60 min, no interval. 

Tickets 49-57€ incl. service fee. (Order fee from 1,50€ will be added )

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