10 reasons to dance
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1. It is just so fun!
Good music, motion, nice people. All these are very good reason to move and have a smile on your face. 

2. Dance is good to your health
Lower blood pressure, better physical condition, lower risk for neurological diseases, you name it. Dance is proven to have positive effects for health.  

3. Dance gives better self esteem
If you feel that you only have two left foots or you could never be one who dances, it is time to abandon these negative thoughts. Dance increases trust for ones own abilities when you realize that anyone can learn to dance. 

4. Dance brings new friens
Dancers are wonderful group. Open and happy company rises your own mood. Have a try!

5. Dance relieves stress
Dancing people are less stressed. When you dance you can forget all the everyday troubles. 

6. Dance helps to understand others
Dance does not look at age, gender, weight or any other feature. It brings people together and when you dance with different people you will better learn to understand different opinions.

7. Dance learns resilience
You can learn to dance only by dancing. Everyone will learn the moves because dancing is fun and it will give you strength to try. 

8. Dance brings beauty to your life
Already watching the dance preformance can bring fabulous experiences through visuality. Beautiful choreographies, dresses and music. All these create unique world of its' own. 

9. Dance invokes creativity
Music and movement can create awesome experiences and that can stir up your own creativity. 

10. Dance can tell a lot about ourselves
Dance is powerful way to tell who we are and where we come from. By dance we can transmit many thoughts without language boundaries. That is why the world of dance is so unique. By dance we can make invisible world visible. 

Give a chance to dance

Upcoming autumn is often time to start something new and different courses and hobby groups are very popular. Dance is considerable option for you if you want to have better shape and sense of rhythm. Not to mention new friends. Dance doesn't require any special skills or background and you can begin when ever you want. Find 10 good reasons to dance below. 

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