13. – 19.6.2018

Artistic director Jorma Uotinen


from IN chor. Xie Xin

Europe premiere



The Chinese dancer and choreographer Xie Xin charmed her audience at the Kuopio Dance Festival Gala in 2016 with the great beauty of her movement! This year she will come back with her contemporary piece From IN that has never been seen in Europe before.

From IN is performed by Xiexin Dance Theatre, it goes deeper into the connection between human beings. As humans, one of the reasons we share memories with each other is that we meet at the same moment in the same space. This creates a special link. Without it we would be living parallel lives in different spaces.
Xie Xin’s ability to create choreographies has been noted widely. She has won prizes in multiple esteemed choreography competitions, as in Premio Roma Danza 2015 and Hannover International Choreography Competition in 2015. She has performed in several esteemed dance theatres and troupes in China and her own dance company – Xiexin Dance Theatre – she founded in 2014.

Xiexin Dance Theatre is rapidly becoming into an important force in the development of the Chinese contemporary dance field.  It focuses e.g. on promoting modern dance education and international exchange. It is committed to perform high-quality works.

This unique experience is brought to Finland from the other side of the world. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Programme may be altered.

from IN

Choreographer Xin Xie 
Dancers Xing Li , Sheng Yuan Hu , Chao Li , Guang  Fang , Xing xing  Gong , Tao Yin ,Min Qian , Xiao Yun Fan , Xin Xie
Light design Jie Gao 
Stage manager He Liu 
Tour manager Jiao Jiao
Music Yi Ying , Shao feng Jiang , Ivan Pavlov ,  Mark Dawson,Ludovico Einaudi , Sean Cooper , Joshua Neil Geissle
Premiere 2016



16. & 17.6. at 21
Kuopio City Theatre, Minna -Stage
Duration 70min, interval

Tickets from 53,50€