13. – 19.6.2018

Artistic director Jorma Uotinen


SH BOOM! chor. Paul Lightfoot & Sol León - mutual comfort chor. Edward Clug - Solo chor. Hans van Munen - Cacti chor. Alexander Ekman

NDT 2, Cacti by Alexander Ekman. Photo (c) Rahi Rezvani
NDT 2, Solo by Hans van Manen. Photo (c) Joris-Jan Bos
NDT 2, mutual comfort by Edward Clug. Photo (c) Joris-Jan Bos
A night with the Dutch company Nederlands Dans Theater 2 (NDT 2) will give you a perfect opportunity to experience four totally different dance languages, four different pieces created by well known contemporary choreographers!

SH-BOOM! by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Combining a sense of humour with irony, SH-BOOM! expresses the way how people from different backgrounds conduct and relate to one another. The choreographers were inspired by Francisco de Goya’s satirical black & white sketches, the dark side (irony) and the light side (humour) are masterfully intertwined.

mutual comfort by Edward Clug
This piece is a series of meeting between duos and trios. It is detailed and sharply defined. Clug’s work leans towards emphasizing a personal experience that arises from the process of creation that is led by illuminating human contradictions, imparting surprising moments of beauty and spontaneous irony.

Solo by Hans van Manen
Hans van Manen created Solo for three NDT 2 dancers who portray a single man reexamining his place in the world. The high pace movements on Bach’s violin partita require an extraordinary timing, and can therefore only be performed by the dancers interchanging one another.

Cacti by Alexander Ekman
Alexander Ekman calls himself a ‘rhythm freak’. For this choreography he used Schubert’s classical music in a new arrangement. In addition, the dancers become the instruments for the orchestra. Ekman used all dancers to challenge the audience to reflect on the way in which art is perceived.

In 1978, Nederlands Dans Theater founded a second division to feed the main company with young talent. In the time span of three years, NDT 2 prepares sixteen classically trained dancers from around the world for NDT 1. NDT 2 has been seen in Kuopio Dance Festival at 2006.

Programme may be altered

Main photo NDT 2, Cacti by Alexander Ekman Photo (c) Rahi Rezvani

SH-BOOM! - mutual comfort - Solo - Cacti

Artistic director Paul Lightfoot

Choreography Paul Lightfoot, Sol León
Music Livingston & David  (The Mills Brothers): If I didn’t care, Stan Freberg / Stone / Liebert: John & Marsha (Stan Freberg) [1950], Turner Layton & Clarence Johnstone: (Razaf-Denniker & Lawrence) S'posin' [1929], Olavi Virta: Sininen Huvimaja (Blue Pavilion) [1953], Arturo Cuartero: Nana a luisito [trad.], Livingston & David  (The Mills Brothers): Sixty seconds got together [1938], Sterck, Sexton & Turner (Vera Lynn): Auf wiederseh'n, Sweetheart  [1943], Keyes, Feaster, McRae & Edwards: SH-Boom [1954]
Lights Tom Bevoort
Set and costume design Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Premiere 2000

mutual comfort
Choreography Edward Clug
Music Milko Lazar – PErpeTuumOVIA. Recording by Het Balletorkest. Piano 1: Patricia de la Vega Piano 2: Jeroen Bal Cello 1: Larissa Groeneveld Cello 2: Evelien Prakke                               
Lights Tom Visser
Set and costume design Edward Clug
Prem 2015

Choreography Hans Van Manen
Music Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita no. 1 for violin in D minor Corrente and Double (presto) (BWV 1002) -  violinist: Sigiswald Kuijken
Set and costume design Keso Dekker
Lights Joop Caboort
Premiere 1997

Choreography Alexander Ekman
Music Joseph Haydn: sonate no V “Sitio” from Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze, Hoboken XX, 1B; Ludwig van Beethoven: string quartet no. 9 in C, Opus 59, section from: Andante con moto quasi allegretto; Franz Schubert: Presto from stringquartet Der Tod und das Mädchen, arranged for orchestra by Andy Stein and for stringquartet by Gustav Mahler; Allegro by Joseph Haydn from string quartets Opus 9, no 6 in A major. String quartet recorded by Harmen Straatman: Tinta Smidt von Altenstadt (first violin), Saskia Viersen (second violin), David Marks (alto violin), Artur Trajko (cello)
Lights Tom Visser
Costume and set design Alexander Ekman
Lyrics Spenser Theberge
Premiere 2010



14. & 15.6. at 21
Kuopio City Theatre, Minna -stage
Duration 115 minutes, incl. two intermissions

Tickets from 63,50€