13. – 19.6.2018

Artistic director Jorma Uotinen


FLA.CO.MEN chor. Israel Galván


As a dancer Israel Galván is unconventional and innovative. He knows the traditions of flamenco thoroughly and therefore is able to build something totally new and original on this basis. He is an artist, highly appreciated by other dancers and musicians.

In this solo-piece – Fla.co.men – musicians play an important part on the scene alongside with the dancer. The music consists of fragments of Galván’s earlier masterpieces. The music is one with the movement and rhythm of the dancer’s body, the dancer is in its own way an instrument, too.

Galván combines different elements of dance and music and puts them into an unexpected order. The outcome is unique: it surely is traditional flamenco but on the other hand it is something completely new. Just like the name of the piece: the order of syllables may have been changed, but it is still flamenco!

Israel Galván’s Fla.co.men will be an extraordinary experience both for the flamenco experts and for the first-timers, there is no doubt about it.

Programme may be altered

Photos Hugo Gumiel



Choreography, direction & dance Israel Galván
Musicians David Lagos - Tomás de Perrate - Eloisa Cantón - Caracafé - Proyecto Lorca: Juan Jiménez Alba, Antonio Moreno
Lighting Design Rubén Camacho
Sound Pedro León
Technical Direction Pablo Pujol
Costumes Concha Rodríguez
Production A Negro Producciones
Supported by Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco, Consejería de Educatión, Cultura y Deportes de la Junta de Andalucía, Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional  
World premiere 2014



15. and 16.6. at 18
Kuopio Music Centre, concert hall
Duration 90 min, no interval

Tickets from 53,50€