13. – 19.6.2018

Artistic director Jorma Uotinen


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Finnish National Ballet School was established in 1922. It is the only ballet school in Finland which edu­cates professional ballet dancers. Ballet School works in close co-operation with the Finnish National Ballet. We will see excerpts from the school’s spring performance which consists of both classical and contemporary repertoire.

Parts of Coppélia Suite
Performing is an important factor in the education and the formation of a dancer. From a young age students have to get familiar with the stage. The more they perform the better they get at it. There are tailor-made ballets for children but the ballets of the classical repertoire are not made to be performed by children. Therefore I created Coppélia Suite for all our students at our school’s spring performances. It is based on the highlights of the ballet Coppélia but in a version suitable for the students. Since we travel to Kuopio with only the students of our vocational education we’ll perform a shortened version.
Wilfried Jacobs

Silence Among Us
When you die mentally a thousand times a day, disappearing physically becomes a better option. This thought, the truth that lies behind it, disturbs me immensely. I am unable to get it out of my head. Adil Faraj was a modern dancer living in Iraq. His culture didn't accept his art form. He died in a bomb attack.

This story touches me deeply. I feel obliged to share it. I wish to talk about the people who lived and died in silence. They deserve to be remembered. Let me show you the raindrops in the ocean
Emrecan Tanış

Parts of “A Small Stage Event”
A dancing human body is sufficiently different from a sound that forms a musical experience when perceived. Dancing a piece of music does not mean that the music becomes visible.

I have not wished to interfere with the independent integrity of the musical form. The deep world that the musicians have created earlier is constantly present as their world. They have invited us to join them and not vice versa. The fact that we are dancing their music transforms ones experience of the music, because in this context the music settles into a dialogue with our dance.

I do not feel that I am interpreting the music. Instead, I place myself in the same performance situation and dance to what they are playing.

Beauty is someone’s evaluation of something. It is a point of view. Reasons, meanings and values in art are generally based on points of view. Humanity is realized as an experience when confronting beauty, or as presence in dance movement. Revealing is existence. Whether it is valuable can only be answered by the person asking the question.
Tommi Kitti

Programme may be altered.

Photo Mirka Kleemola



Parts of Coppélia Suite
Choreography Wilfried Jacobs (after Arthur Saint-Léon and Marius Petipa)
Music Léo Delibes
Light Design Vesa Pohjolainen
Costumes Finnish National Opera & Ballet

Silence Among Us
Choreography Emrecan Tanış
Music Mehmet Sadik Tanis
Light Design Vesa Pohjolainen
Costume design Erika Turunen

parts of "A Small Stage Event”
Choreography Tommi Kitti
Rehearsing Directors Virpi Juntti, Valtteri Raekallio
Music Eero Hämeenniemi (composer), performed by Sruthi Laya & Nada
Light Design Janne Teivainen

Dancers Birit Haarla, Katja Haarla, Samuel Haramo,
Katariina Luukas, Taru Hiitola, Emma Ikävalko, Maija Jalonen,
Salla Jansson, Oskari Kymäläinen, Tiia Lehtinen, Laura
Lehtonen, Julianna Luhtala, Viola Länsivuori, Sara Makkonen,
Jasmin Markkanen, Maiju Marvaila, Ellen Mäkelä, Isabella
Nevanlinna, Matilda Nordberg, Leonora Nummi, Silja Piippo,
Ella Puurtinen, Senia Robbins, Konsta Roos, Jessi Räty, Nelli


14.6. at 15
Kuopio Music Centre, Concert hall
Duration 100 min, interval

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