Artistic director Jorma Uotinen


Performers selected for Dance Schools on Stage

Kuopio Dance Festival´s Dance Schools on the Stage got 80 applications from different dance groups from 41 different institutions. 15 Finnish and 6 foreign groups were selected to perform in two series:
·         Extended syllabus dance students
·         Basic syllabus dance students and other amateur groups
- We want to encourage young people to develop their skills by offering them opportunity to perform for the real festival audience, get feedback from the jury led by Jorma Uotinen, the Artistic Director of the festival, attend workshops and meet other enthusiasts, says Maija Parviainen, the producer of Dance Schools on Stage.

- Dance Schools on Stage is collaboration, development, enthusiasm and huge energy but not a competition. We are pleased to have dance styles from street dancing to classical ballet. The festival will pay a travel grant for each performing group, says Anna Pitkänen, Executive Director of the Kuopio Dance Festival.

Dance Schools on Stage is held for the eighth time.
The performances will be seen at Kuopios Kulttuuriareena 44 on June 13th to 15th 2018.
The review is organized in co-operation with the Association of Finnish Dance Associations STOPP ry. Ticket sales from March 1st at www.lippu.fi

Selected groups are:
The Royal Swedish Ballet School (Stockholm, Sweden)
Assam Lee Dance School (St Petersburg, Russia)  
Finnish dance schools:
Tanssikoulu DCA (Helsinki)
Espoon Tanssiopisto (Espoo)
Tanssistudio Jami (Imatra)
Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto (Jyväskylä)
Tampereen konservatorio (Tampere)            
Children´s Dance Studio (St Petersburg, Russia)
Klassiskí Iistdansskólin (Reykjavik, Island)
Finnish dance schools:
Musiikkiopisto Arkipelag (Kaarina)                  
Lappeenrannan Tanssiopisto (Lappeenranta)
Kajaani Dance , (Kajaani)
Vantaan Tanssiopisto (Vantaa)                         
Etelä-Savon Tanssiopisto (Mikkeli)                  
Danseverket i Nittedal (Nittedal, Norway)
The Art School of Porec (Porec, Kroatia)
Finnish dance schools:
Tanssikoulu Hip Hop House (Tampere)
KRV DANCE (Kuopio)
Dance Actions (Tampere)
Kuusamo-opisto / kansalaisopisto (Kuusamo)
Bolly Beat Dance School (Helsinki)