Artistic director Jorma Uotinen



50th anniversary on June 12 – 18th 2019
49th Kuopio Dance Festival opened on 13th June in front of a full Market Square.

 Following the colourful and lively opening, the week continued in the warm sunshine, giving the Festival an additional lift, said the Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen.

The week contained 22 main performances, almost 50 dance courses, and plenty of free and fringe events with tens of thousands of visitors attending.

The main performances met our artistic expectations brilliantly, continued Mr Uotinen. It was great to be able to provide variety in the programming, give space for different age groups and smaller pieces, such as the premiere by Carl Knif, Helena Franzén’s solo, and the family piece by Glims & Gloms.  Dance schools, through the On Stage and Bodhi projects, saw to young dancers, and the spectacular Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal and  Compagnie Marie Chouinard staged large-scale productions, inspired by the creativity of other artists, namely Cohen and Bosch. The programme also showcased the Russian, Chinese, and Indian ethnic colour and cultural traditions, while the pieces by Knif and Chouinard showed us something quite different – unconventional, strange worlds. The high quality of the programme was a testament to how dance evolves and how each generation adds their own layer to it.

Financially, this year has been tough. Since the Music Centre, the largest auditorium, has been undergoing refurbishment, the seating capacity has decreased by several thousand which is reflected in the finances. A majority of the shows were sold out before the start of the Festival, however, which provided a sound basis for the entire week, reported Executive Director Anna Pitkänen.

The 50th Kuopio Dance Festival will take place on 12. – 18.6.2019. It will also be Jorma Uotinen’s last year as the Artistic Director. He will be succeeded by Riku Lehtopolku, whose first Festival programme will be seen in 2020.  

Many thanks to the audiences, artistes, employees, volunteers, supporters and partners. We are delighted to spread the joy of dance further in this beautiful town during the bright summer nights.

Further information on www.kuopiodancefestival.fi and  https://www.facebook.com/KuopioDanceFestival/